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Life can be complicated, there are so many pressures and influences on us that we spend our time responding to that it can be hard to know ourselves, what we really think and feel. It can often be that we have a public façade that we put on to face the world that is very […]

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My message to the broken

My message to the broken

I read so many blogs where people are lost and struggling, having found themselves dazed and bewildered at rock bottom, the same place I found myself many years ago. My blog is very new so I haven’t gone into much of my past yet, but trust me I have been there, and as someone who has been there this is what I would like to say:

It sucks. Where you are right now definitely sucks, but finding yourself at rock bottom can be a gift because there is no better place to learn life’s lessons and develop life skills than where you are right now. Take time to look at how you got there (it is NOT a punishment), take time to work out what life is trying to teach you because when you come out the other side what you learn right now will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Life will always throw obstacles at you, there will always be challenges, but what you learn when you build yourself back up is that there is nothing that will stop you, you will get through this and you will laugh and love again. You may need to close your heart for a while to heal, but don’t forget to open it back up again when you are stronger because that is where a lot of life’s gifts are, and you will be strong enough to deal with all the challenges love brings because you’ve been there, rock bottom, and you came out the other side and you will again.

Take time to develop, love and nurture yourself, because self belief is a wonderful thing, it opens the world and it’s infinite possibilities to you. You can’t give effectively to other people if you are not giving enough to yourself first. Inner strength is like a muscle, you exercise it to grow stronger, so set yourself challenges, you’ll gain confidence every time you overcome them. Start small – set yourself up to succeed not to fail!

When you fall get back up, dust yourself off and keep going. Expect set-backs, it’s normal, everyone has them, just don’t let yourself be derailed by them, view them as another opportunity to build that inner strength, and that’s something to be grateful for.

Risk making a mistake, it’s another opportunity to learn. When you learn you develop wisdom, who wouldn’t want that? Nurture yourself and be kind to yourself. No-one is perfect, why should you be?

Know the difference between love and dependence and be careful who you admire. Choose good role models and remember that inner strength and inner beauty far outweigh external beauty, there’s just no comparison. 

Finally, when you have healed, and are that amazing, wise, strong person as a result, don’t forget what it felt like and extend kindness to others that find themselves there, they need it.